About the Book

When God wrote the destiny of policemen, only criminals and terrorists were left out to be taken care of! He left that task to the policeman. Burdened with this thankful task, they have hardly any time to laugh though laughter is the best medicine to relieve them of their daily stresses and strains. And yet no other profession needs the ability to laugh to keep the sanity of the man intact as much as this noble profession. May God bless the policemen with a great sense of humour so that they remain and act like normal human beings!

There are quite a few uproariously funny jokes in this compilation. – Khushwant Singh
“Don’t Laugh We are Police is the seventh he has authored and contains few of the rare gems of humour found in the force. – The Pioneer
He has found humour in the most unlikely place, the spit-and-polish word of cops notorious for its cheerlessness. – The Week
LAUGH! (OR GO TO THANA) – The Telegraph
New book shows the funny bone of Indian Police. – The Asian Age

Author: Mr. B.L Vohra