About the Book

Manipur, situated in the north-eastern region of India, is a fascinating place. It is a lush-green state dotted with hills and valleys. Politically, it is very sensitive area and has witnessed a few insurgency movements also.
Suchendra Singh, the hero of the novel, disillusioned with the society around him and the body politic, has adopted Marxism as his credo. He, and his comrades dream of Manipur as an independent nation where the meiteis (the original settlers of the valley in the state) will not be discriminated against. These people which seek to achieve their goal through violence, realize that they cannot make much headway and disappointed Suchendra is a witness to the collapse of his movement.
This work, only of its kind on insurgency, is based on the actual experiences of the author in this area, presenting a fascinating insight into the theory and practice of insurgency and counter-insurgency which is applicable not only to other regions of the north-eastern India and elsewhere as well.

Author: Mr. B.L Vohra