About the course

Duration : One Day

Today more than ever, instilling a sense of urgency in our people and our organization is a critical skill for managers. We need to look at the work ethic issues we all are facing today and begin to build the direction, skills, and knowledge that will energize us as well as those around us.

Our ability to keep the motivation at a high standard in our organization is critical to staying one step ahead of the competition. Understanding each person’s personal work ethic and how to help him or her be more consistently at their best is every manager’s job today. Some people started with a high motivation and lost it along the way. Others never seemed to have it in the first place.

We help you in this workshop with proven tools, to identify the sense of urgency in your organization by looking at the different levels of motivation of the people. And then use the Five Drivers of Success and Six Ways to get them back on the top. For this you will need the use of your leadership skills. Ultimately it is your communicating ability as a leader which will achieve the desired results.

Effective leadership is even more important to the future of the organizations today. We will tell you the solid principles to:

  • Build strong rapport and trust
  • Influence people and outcomes
  • Turn negative people into your biggest supporters

These principles combined with real life illustrations and practical suggestions, will help you in Bringing the much needed Urgency in your Organization in just one day workshop!

Mr. B. L. Vohra has conducted a workshop on ‘How to improve the employee skills in a less time span’ in New Delhi, Kapasan(Rajasthan), Gajraula(U.P.), Baroda, Chandigarh and so many places in India.

You may book the course by connecting Mr. B. L. Vohra through phone, email, facebook, Google+, linkedin and Twitter for your self-motivation as he has conducted workshop for this course in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Mussoorie, Hyderabad, Baroda, Ambernath, Mysore, Bharuch, Nira, Manipur, Agartala, Gajraula, Nagpur, Chandigarh, Gandhar, Udaipur, Dahej, Tekanpur, Kapasan, Surat, Roorkee etc.