Team Building

About the course

Duration : Two Days

Why is Team Building important? Because it is needed to achieve an accelerated development, enhanced productivity, motivation, commitment and confidence, and for creating a climate for radical change to achieve the desired goals. Few things in life are more satisfying than belonging to a really successful team. And there are few more rewarding activities than using your qualities and skill as a leader to create such a team.

As any good racing driver knows, the team who designed and built the car and the team who service it before, during and after the race are as necessary for success as he is himself. Generating effective team work is equally important in industry, commerce and the public services as it is in the world of professional sport, if not more so.

In today’s world there are cross functional teams in the companies like in cricket you have batsmen, bowlers, fielders, wicketkeeper -– and you need energy and synergy both to achieve the objectives. But if the players play for themselves – as happens many times – the result is a disaster. How to get the right people in the team, how to get them to work together, how to raise their standards of performance; that in nutshell is the real challenge.

In this 2 day course we will take you through the:

1.Team dynamics
2. Role of the Leader in Team Building
3. Different phases and stages of Team Building
4. Team norms and keys to creating high performing teams
5. Team Roles
6. Team Maintenance

apart from giving you many other useful tips through discussions, films, indoor and outdoor exercises, examples etc. to have perfect teams for great success.

Mr. B. L. Vohra has conducted a workshop on ‘how to build the positive team-spirit for the productivity enhancement into your organization’ in New Delhi, Ambernath(Maharashtra), Bharuch(Gujarat), Mysore, Agartala, Gajraula(U.P) and so many places in India.

You may book this course by connecting Mr. B. L. Vohra through phone, email, facebook, Google+, linkedin and Twitter for your self-motivation as he has conducted workshop for this course in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Mussoorie, Hyderabad, Baroda, Ambernath, Mysore, Bharuch, Nira, Manipur, Agartala, Gajraula, Nagpur, Chandigarh, Gandhar, Udaipur, Dahej, Tekanpur, Kapasan, Surat, Roorkee etc.