About the course

Duration : One Day

Who doesn’t face conflict in life? We all do. Whenever two or more people come together there is bound to be conflict. This leads to unhappiness, losses, anxiety and even violence at times. We must resolve it fast before it gets out of hand and the situation becomes irretrievable. And we tell you how to do it with various tools.

Starting from definition of conflicts to its understanding, symptoms and six steps required to resolve these step by step is what we will share with you based on our and others’ experience. These steps can be:
1. Understanding
2. Competing
3. Collaborating
4. Accommodating
5. Compromising
6. Neutralizing
And many others.

We will also tell you how to improve your interpersonal skills which will help a lot in conflict resolution. In addition you have to asses the mood of the warring parties, the place and time to be chosen for negotiation and resolution which are among the strategies of having a win-win situation for everyone involved without losing face and we guide you on these matters.

Be a master at conflict resolutions by attending our powerful one day workshop and improve the productivity of your company/organization. You will be much sought after person once you acquire these skills.